AMCO group UAB French and Lithuanian capital company, focusing on selective and niche cosmetics and fragrance distribution in Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Our goal is not simply to sell products, but to educate the clients and show them something more than the customers expect to find on the store shelves. Being an innovative company we opening new market segments in our region: we ware the first company in the Baltic region to introduced selective the children’s perfume brand JACADI. And it was just before the economic 2008 crisis.

Today the brand can be found in all the Baltic countries. In 2012 we have introduced in our region the first cosmetic brand on the selective market offering sensuality, loving games and intimate care, YESforLOV. We are proud that the historical perfume brand Molinard, with its unique, legendary, vintage perfumes is becoming increasingly popular in the Baltic countries.

We are offering not only simple perfumes, but also pieces of history… We are aiming the Christian Breton, with its revolutionary eye care line EYE Priority, ranks No1 in Eye care in Lithuania and Latvia. It’s just a few samples of our activity, showing our attitude and philosophy.

We endeavor to offer the best service: education and training programs, promo events and parties, our professional promo consultants, help represent the brands direct to customers in each store.

We are pleased to welcome you and to offerer you our best services in the Baltics.